Maximize Collaboration at the Workplace
AUO Display Plus will be bringing its latest solutions for the Smart Enterprise to Integrated Systems Europe 2023! Divided into four major themes including smart workspaces, space management, meeting collaboration, and immersive experiences, visit our booth to discover how we maximize collaboration and space efficiencies at the workplace. Use the code DPHIBUWM to register for free and visit us at booth 2V575!
Explore 4 Major Themes
Smart Workspaces
The rise of the hybrid work model has given the workforce greater mobility and choices for remote working. The AUO Display Plus Smart Pod Solution is designed for the privacy needs of the hybrid workforce by providing a quiet workspace for concentrated work and meetings in the office and public areas. Featuring a booking system and an all-in-one video conferencing device, this one-of-a-kind workspace is easy to access and caters to any meeting requirement.
Space Management
The modern workplace introduces flexible models such as hybrid work, co-working space, and free address to enhance collaboration and synergies. To answer to the flexible space requirements, AUO Display Plus provides the Meeting Space Management Solution that automates the process of finding, reserving, and recording of spaces. Users can easily navigate through facilities and reserve spaces where and when they need them; and facility managers can gain insights on space usage for better space resource management.
Meeting Collaboration
Seamless communication and collaboration is important for engaging teamwork and enhanced work productivity. AUO Display Plus provides all-in-one interactive flat panel displays featuring interactive tools and apps as well as video conferencing capabilities, perfect for presentations, brainstorming, video conferencing applications in meeting rooms, conference rooms, board rooms, and more.
Immersive Experiences
AUO Display Plus continues to pursue technological innovations to deliver comprehensive and flexible display solutions for the market. Our latest state-of-the-art LED Display with Controller offers more installation convenience and flexibility than traditional LED video wall and all-in-one LED displays. With its superior picture quality and expandability capabilities, it is perfect for creating immersive visual experience across any enterprise application.
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AUO Display Plus is the industrial and commercial display subsidiary of AUO Corporation. With a core in display technologies, we provide integrated hardware and software solutions that enable higher efficiency and accuracy, for customers' requirements in enterprise, education, retail, transportation, and healthcare. We co-create complete solutions with ecosystem partners to help business accelerate their smart transformations and create greater value.
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